Saturday, May 30, 2009


The other day I was getting my snow tires off. I know late May is a little late to be finally getting them off, but I have a very good reason. I am lazy. Or I procrastinate. I'm not really sure. I was actually going to write this blog when I got home that day. That was 6 days ago. Anyway, while waiting I noticed some autographed pictures on the wall in the waiting room. There was one of Gordie Howe, back in his Red Wing days, charging down the ice with the puck. (FYI: Howe doesn't actually sign his name in his autographs. He signs 'Mr. Hockey.' instead of his name.) There was a picture of Eddie George, the Tennessee Titans running back, breaking tackles and leaving defenders in the dust. He didn't sign 'Mr. Football.' He just wrote his name. And finally there was a picture of John Elway, one of the greatest quarterbacks. Ever. Denver Bronco's #7. Two time Superbowl champion. And what was he doing in his picture? He was in a suit and tie, doing absolutely nothing. I thought this was very strange. Why wouldn't they get a picture of him throwing a touchdown? How about a picture of him raising the Lombardi trophy? Or how about that play in the Superbowl, when the 38 year old ran with the ball and got hit so hard he spun around like a helicopter. Nope. Just standing there. Doing nothing at all. Well, not nothing. He was smiling.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


So i was flipping through the channels the other night when i passed by the french language CBC....and Lost was on. Since it was on the french CBC, all of the voices were obviously dubbed en francais. I love Lost. It is easily my favourite show. The episode was almost over, so i thought "What the hell, i don't care if it's french, i'll watch the rest of it."

(If you haven't seen any episodes from this past season yet, and you do not want any of it spoiled, you should probably stop reading now....i'm going to discuss a particular scene which will cause great confusion to those unfamiliar with what happened. I could explain the context of the scene and why what was happening was happening and how it was even possibly happening....but even typing that last sentence kinda made my head hurt so I'm not even gonna attempt to.)

The scene i happened upon was when Jin was found floating on a piece of debris from the destroyed 1988. (The freighter exploded in late 2004/early 2005.) He was discovered by a young Danielle Rousseau and her fellow French castaways. (If you ignored my previous warning about reading on....I told you so....When you finally get around to watching season 5, you'll understand....or maybe not.) Now even though Rousseau and the other french castaways were all speaking french, the CBC decided to dub the actor's voices. I could tell because it was a poor dub job....their voices didn't match their mouths. Does this make any sense? Anyone? Replacing french....with french? Really? I guess it really shouldn't bother me. I didn't understand a single thing they were saying. My french is awful.